Learn About eBird Surveys

EBird is an app that allows you to count the bird species that you see in an area in real-time.   You simply start the app when you’re ready to count, enter the number of each bird species you see as you see them, and the app will record your path.  You can access your previous bird counts later!  We’d suggest trying out the app for the first time in your backyard.

The Cornell has a great, free class to learn to use EBird.

Here’s a short how-to video

If you can’t use the cell phone app, you can enter your bird sightings later via a web browser, but if you choose to do this, it it critical for you to note your start location, start time, and end location, end time, and the total amount of time that you spent birding.

Once you learn how to use eBird, please help us by conducting bird species surveys at our survey locations. Be sure to follow the short directions here, including contacting us via the linked webform once you've finished conducting a survey. Don't neglect the smaller parks as surveys there are equally important. If you want to go all out, visit all of our survey locations over the course of a few months. You can make a new park or parks part of a weekly adventure!